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Need more awe in your daily life? Well, there’s so much marvel-inducing stuff out there. Whether your thing is the arts, tech, history, pop culture, science, or all of the above, the options — what to read, watch, hear, play, learn — are limitless. But being so spoiled for choice in the digital age is daunting. What’s worth your time? Where to look?

That’s where we come in.

Delivered to your inbox five times a week, The Wonder is an email series painstakingly curated by the editors at Likemind — the team behind such brands as Interesting Facts, Inspiring Quotes, Travel Quiz, and more. Every weekday, surveying the full expanse of the internet and beyond, we hand-pick a never-predictable crop of recommendations, from thought-provoking articles and addictive podcasts to stunning, quirky art and challenging games. We take our curation seriously (but not too seriously); every pick we make has inspired and captivated us.

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